Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pounce and Prance

I just spent the most delightful 2 days with my great niece, Regan, a sweet budding artist!  We had a sleep over together with another fellow artist- my daughter, Callie.

Regan is 8 years old and loves painting.   After she painted a picture for me for Christmas, we decided that we needed some time to paint together.  When she visits, she often digs through the collection of old Beanie Babies from my kid's childhood.  She picked out two favorites to take home this time so we decided they would be the subject for our first painting:  "Pounce and Prance".  I worked in pastel and Regan worked with acrylic paint.  Callie also worked with acrylics but didn't have time to finish hers.  We had a ball!

The joy Regan (and Callie) displays while painting brought me such joy as well.   Thank you, Regan!

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