Monday, February 15, 2016

Powderpoint Bridge at Dawn

I went to the beach early one morning with my friend Maria to catch the sunrise and maybe set up our easels for the dawn's early light - or at least get some good photographs.  We found a breathtaking sunrise that turned our wooden bridge into shimmering gold.  It seemed to glow out of the fog of the morning.  This week as we braved the arctic elements here in New England, I wondered if I could conjure up that golden morning.

I took some pictures of the progress of the painting and must admit, I think I will try this one again.  But for now I thought it was an interesting attempt.


  1. Oh Jan, I love this! I love the abstract quality about it and the colors are fabulous!

  2. Thank so much, Judy! I played around with this one and had some fun! I am glad you like it :)