Monday, February 8, 2016

Torn Hat Commission

This past summer, I received a commission to reproduce a Thomas Sully painting which hangs in the Boston Museum of Fine Art called the Torn Hat.  Here is a link to the painting.

This painting happens to be a favorite of a friend of mine and he commissioned a copy to be made for his wife.  Here is the original and my copy.  It was fun to do.  I did some research on Sully's palette and enjoyed deconstructing his process.  It was difficult because the painting is behind a glass enclosure in the museum making it difficult to get close to it.  I ended up blowing up a post card to use for my reference.  It isn't an exact clone, to be sure,  but I came to that familiar place where if I continued too much further I would risk botching the whole thing up and killing it.  So I ended where the likeness was close enough and I was happy with the paint application.

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